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Power Feng Shui EZine

March 2010

Dear Friends of Power Feng Shui, Pyramid Feng Shui & Black Hat Tantric Feng Shui & all Friends of Holy Spirit Ch'i (the Cosmic Breath of God).

We are delighted to bring you our www.PowerFengShui.info EZine for the month of March 2010.

In Texas we see Springtime early. We have cold days, rainy days, hot days and humid days. All of this causes Nature to bloom all around us. Love that Texas climate.

Winter seems to last forever so any Spring touches are inspiring to us as we look forward to warmer weather and the fun things that go with it. When I need a "Winter Lift" I turn on Jimmy Buffett and think "Tropical" and my mood changes instantly. Try the Jimmy wisdom below.

"We are the People Our Parents Warned Us About"

by Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffet has said about his fans."As far as I see them they're pretty normal people most of the time but maybe they have a slight streak of insanity in their makeup which comes out when they come to the show. I always look forward to being wild & crazy when I go to his concerts...It is a true experience.Here Is o...ne of his fun songs We are the People Our Parents Warned Us About. He insists you "Look Around" at his concert...Love it...See More

Another view of this state of mind is Jimmy's wonderful "cut to the chase"
view of how we are all "Fruitcakes"

Paradise lost & found...Paradise...take a look around...fruitcakes everywhere...there is a little bit of fruitcake left in everyone of us. Religion...There is a thin line between Saturday night and Sunday morning...Where is the church? Who took the steeple? Religion's in the hands of some crazy _ _ _ people...The God's truth is ...it's not that simple...its the Buddhist in you, its the Pagan in me. its the Muslim in him, she's Catholic ain't she? It's that born again look, it's the wise man the jew...tell me what's goin' on... I ain't got a clue....spoken by world philosopher Jimmy Buffett...a storyteller of truth.

Purple Wisteria Brings Dripping Wealth Energy
to Your Sacred Space with famous 1892
"Feeding The Flamingos" stained glass print
by Louis Comfort Tiffany


Using dripping Purple (Wealth/Empowerment) color Wisteria brings an instant energy of dripping "Wealth" to your Sacred Space. Here I combined an Oriental painted planter that a friend had given me long ago for her blessing, and the branches of "Dripping Wealth" left over from another plant display I re-invented for fresh energy.

I particularly love "Feeding the Flamingos" done by Tiffany's Studios of New York City in 1892. I framed this print last year when I visited the largest Tiffany collection left in the world at the http://www.powerfengshui.info/EZine/0409.shtml#Museum link last April 2009 at The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. This is a framed print from that visit to bring exotic energy to this room as well.

Think about what you desire to create. Get busy finding that "Dripping Wealth" silk tree and planter to anchor just the perfect set of "Dripping "Wealth" energies in your home.

Space Clearing for Your Sacred Space
or Blessing & Cleansing Ceremony

It is time to do a Space Clearing or as it is also called, a Blessing/Cleansing ceremony for your home to clear all negative energies and emotions out of your way for the future. It is very easy to do & has powerful results. Clear anything that stands in your way NOW. Good luck this entire year, the Chinese Year of the Tiger.

Click here to go to http://www.powerfengshui.info/EZine/1108.shtml#Clearing and find out how to do this for yourself and insure only Positive Energies in your Sacred Space.

Increase Your Paydays NOW!
Great fun & quick Power Feng Shui for Prosperity & more "Paydays" in your life

All Feng Shui is symbolic. Great icons are known worldwide. Payday is an American icon. Eat a PAYDAY candy bar and visualize your luck changing instantly and... more paydays appearing for you. You will be amazed at the change of energies. For fun give gifts of PAYDAY candy bars or keep them at work in your desk. Pass them out for a quick energy change among your co-workers. The bite size are the easiest to pass around. Enjoy your new and improved PAYDAYS.

All icons have a Feng Shui energy to be used to draw certain flows of energy to you if you display them and add your "Pure Intention" of what you wish to achieve with that icon.

Displaying Payday Candy bars with the intention of "I want my Paydays to increase" firmly in your mind starts a flow of energy that will begin to bring new options to your life and business.

More opportunities for "Paydays" will show up for you and you will be surprised how that "Pure Intention" will work for you.  As you offer a Payday candy bar to others or even eat one for yourself, say or think "I want my Paydays to increase" or "their Paydays to increase."  You are literally willing it to be so with your thoughts that become real  and the use of the candy bar icon Payday.  Try it as a Prosperity Icon for yourself or give one as a gift to someone you wish to offer "Increased Paydays" Blessings to.

This example uses a Square shaped (Earth Element for grounding energies) glass jar with a round silver lid. The glass is the Metal Element for increased thought processes and the round shape is the Metal Element as well. The Silver color brings Compassion/Mercy/Travel/Mentors/Friends energies of Power Feng to you. Combining all of these elemental energies plus the Paydays lifts the energies quickly, grounding you in the focus of "Increased Paydays" for your business or professional life.

Use the bags of bite size Payday Candy Bars found at the grocery store to fill your jar. Watch your Paydays increase. Power Feng Shui for Success Payday Icons will change your Paydays. Enjoy! May your luck be auspicious, always.


About 3 1/2 years ago I read in a book I had on Shamen, healings, and customs that the Native Americans would summon help from the Great Spirit to heal themselves or their families by dying a piece of cloth red with plants and berries and say a healing blessing over it. After blessing the red cloth they would tuck it in between the skins and furs they slept on to bring healing power of the Great Spirit down to them or their family. I began to think about how that could be updated in this Century, to work for bringing healing energies down to the individual.

My first thought was a red flat sheet so I visited a lot of linen departments. I did not find anything I liked. I next went to a fabric store to look for 2 yards (6 feet) length of a red fabric I liked. Even if the original Native American healing/blessing cloth was Red, it still holds an energy of Fame/Future/Recognition of Power Feng Shui. While I was there I picked up a fabric that had gold threads spun throughout the Red Color. The gold Gold or Yellow brings Good Health and Prosperity to you. If I was going to do this I wanted to significantly increase the Ch'i signals that are blasting out from this color selection.

Placing the Healing Red cloth between mattress and box springs was easy to decide. I simply slid the mattress off next time I changed the linens and placed the Red cloth with the golden threads spread out smoothly over the top of the set of box springs. Then repositioned the mattress and dressed the bed.

I might add that this bed belongs to my love that lives in Indiana and he has constant pain from a 2nd story fall from a construction scaffold almost 10 years ago. He refuses to take pain killers as he wants his mind to be completely clear so his body is frequently in pain. He also has Native America DNA and agreed to try the Red Healing Cloth.

At the time, he had been to either the Emergency Room or rushed to the Clinic, unable to breathe, over a dozen times in the previous year. He was sick of just the stress involved in staying alive but knew of no other options. Certainly we pray for each other and there has already been a miracle in the fact that he is still alive after all of these years. We are thankful for that.

At the time I was leaving Indiana after a two month working visit to see my clients. As you might well imagine, because of the breathing crisis these episodes created, I was quite concerned. I said my regular prayers but did mention the Red Cloth a couple of times to God that I would like to see the healing of my ancestors come down from Heaven for me and my loved ones now. I thanked Him and let it go.

That was in July 2006 and my love has not had another single breathing attack since that Red Healing Cloth was placed under his mattress. Coincidence or Healing fact of ancient Native American Shamanic customs?

I know the power of the human mind can bring anything it desires into being. Thoughts become things. We wanted healing, we prayed for it, and I followed an ancient custom of my Cherokee Grandmother's tribe, then things changed. Prayer, plus faith, plus healing ritual of my ancestors = healing and an extension of my love's life. It was a miracle for both of us to just get that extension.

I encourage you to find a length of Red fabric, in whatever shade you so desire, and get 2 yards (6 feet) of it and try this for yourself.  If you want to add gold or yellow it will bring more Healing Vibrational Energies of Good Health and Prosperity.  Six thousand years of Chinese customs, disciplines, and calculations are not wrong. Thousands of years of tribal customs are not wrong either.

Experiment with your healing energies and see what raising your own personal Healing Vibrational Energy will do for your Good Health.  Empower your own personal healing and those of the ones you love.

I already KNOW it works. I have seen the benefits. Would love to hear your comments on experiencing this for yourself.


The Four Agreements, A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, was given to me by my friend Deb in Indiana to read back in November. It was so truly mind blowing to me to see all of the illusions we create in our lives with our emotions and ego. I have hundreds of books and have read all of my adult life on relationships and how to improve them or myself.  This was a "hit home" experience as it really explained how we "domesticated" as children with the Book of Laws our family teaches to us. Paraphrasing...we don't like this type car or that type person or etc...these things become "laws" inside of our heads and we not only lead our lives by those Laws, we teach them to our children as their laws. This book really slammed the nonsense of it all and leads us to face the truths about ourselves. Of course, that is only, if we want to.

Some of us have felt like we "deserve" better from people because we have been so good to them and they don't return the same to us. This is co-dependence behavior.  Then we get our feelings (Emotion Ch'i) hurt and sorrow fills us. This is not going to change unless we CHANGE it.  For those of you that wrap your hurt around you and wallow in self pity (been there,done that), and just build more hurt in the process, you are purposefully creating more sorrowful Ch'i to fill your life and existence. Why would you want to do that? As The Secret (both the book and the DVD) tells us, whatever we proclaim, we draw more of the same to us. Technically, we receive exactly what we talk about, good or bad. If we are whining about how bad it is, then guess what?  It gets worse.  You are attracting more of the same to you with your negativity.

The person that you are suffering the hurt from likely does not know or perhaps would not care even if you did acknowledge their part in your pain. Or, worst case, did it deliberately...ahhh...

You are the one in pain, not them. Ask yourself "WHY am I doing this to myself?"

Clear your Emotional Ch'i with forgiveness and a fresh start. Forgive that person or situation and just simply GO FORWARD and transform your life. Let go of them or the control or whatever it is that binds you there. Give it up!  In reality, this move is just for you.  Are you ready?

Buy this book, The Four Agreements, A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom at Half Price Bookstores or somewhere and also the other one, The Mastery of Love, by author Don Miguel Ruiz.  I am hoping you are "up for yourself" this year and will treat yourself to a really honest look inside of your own head, life, heart, and body, mind, and spirit. You may be amazed what prejudices you live inside of each day that have nothing to do with race, color, or creed.  We would never do that, or say that...we are really good people.

We all are good people, raised with family "laws" to live by. Read this, audio it, whatever. Change your life. I hear that song playing in my head..."Get on down, get on down the road..." Isn't it time?

Level out your own personal Emotional Ch'i to the best, most peaceful, joyful, satisfying point in time for you to be the best you can be NOW, while you can enjoy it all.  Rabbi Solomon of the Kabbalah Centre International, http://www.kabbalah.com/01.php taught me in 2001 that "the soul creates its own chaos that will benefit it to receive the most ego strokes from the attention it demands as it continues to feed the ego/soul with continuous chaos." In essence he said we continue to "keep" our souls in chaos until we deliberately CHANGE that for ourselves.

CHANGE IT. It is a new year. It is a brand new Chinese New Year of the Ox as well. Lift up your Emotional Ch'i and set yourself free.  The Bible says "He who is free, is free indeed."  I am going to live free for every single day of my life, chaos free, to the best of my abilities, in a state of peaceful Emotion Ch'i.  Join me?

You Lift Me Up to be more than I can be......
one of my favorites of Josh Groban

May you stay Forever Young

May you stay Forever Young. A psychological profile I read on aging said this. Age is similar to riding an elevator. When you are born you are on the ground floor. At 18 yrs old you are on the 18th floor. If you have a great year, then your mind locks into that time & in your mind you stay that age forever. You continue to "Feel" like you are that age.

When I was 36 my love & I bought a stained glass gallery & teaching studio. It was one of the joys of my life. God opened a door for me to quit work & share the art I loved. I was there for 10 yrs. I STILL feel 36 even though I am 63. They were right. I am still on the 36th floor....Where r u?

Thoughts of Thomas: Past Life Regressions

I would like to speak of Past Life Regressions, the act of putting yourself in a past life as opposed to out of body experiences. A spontaneous regression brought about by some event or mind set that you don't control. Past life regression is a purposeful act to achieve a desired result. Your intent is to go to a past life, the where and when is what you don't control.

As a disclaimer I must say I have read books to the contrary but that has not been my experience. I have never gone to the same place twice. It may be just me, you might be able to return to the same place over and over. As of now I haven't and there is one place and time I really want to visit again, and there's one I never want to see again. Feeling the life leaving your body from a mortal wound, unable to raise your head out of the mud and rain, we had lost the battle and no quarter was given. There are some things you don't want to relive again and again.

You must understand the further back you go in time the more barbaric the people are. It's not like the movies. There are no villages with pretty young ladies dancing and wise old men willing to tell you the secrets of life. Times were hard and trust was in short supply.

What I'm telling you is that if you end up in a place that you are not a member of the town or village you visit you may not be treated kindly. Not all past live regressions are pleasant but they are all thought provoking and some will give you insight into your path through this incarnation. So don't expect to end up under the tree of knowledge in a field of flowers.

Incarnation is something we must discuss before we go any further. Is there a "back" to go to? Are we simply a product of our parents DNA with no everlasting energy? If that is the case then there is no "back" and all religion and the Arts are figments of our imagination, made up to give us hope that there is more than this short existence, but we are electrical chemical beings. We produce energy. We may be at rest (potential) but we cannot be destroyed. So why make a new one every time when you have one in the cooler. Makes sense to me.

One more thing on this subject I learned with the Talking Board reincarnation is a random occurrence, there seems to be no pattern as to the number of years between lives and some are new souls with no past lives.

In my family my oldest daughter is the oldest soul, I'm second, my wife and youngest daughter are third, my son is fourth with one past life. Stephanie my second daughter, she is the one I wrote about is a new soul. So if past life regression doesn't work for you, you may not have a past to go to.

NOTE from Alex....

Read Thomas' amazing story of Healing Stephanie at http://www.powerfengshui.info/EZine/Thomas%27s%20Corner.shtml#Thomas5 It is supernatural and REAL. Each of us has this "Power of God" within us. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Will we use it? Judgement Day will tell the story.

I have had quite a few regressions in my studies of the Art, some good, others bad, but most were somewhere in the middle. Most of my regressions seem to have been in Euro-Asia and the Middle East but all but one of my out of body experiences have been in the British Isles. Don't ask me why I can only say that to practice the Art you must first come to realization that there are always more questions than answers.

Past Life Regression can be done in a number of ways. There are books, CDs, or the help of a medium, they all work, so pick what best suits you. They all are a type of hypnosis, breaking the mind's tie to the body, to free it from reality, so it can unlock doors long shut to remember things long forgotten, so you can see in your mind's eye what made you what you are today. My advice is don't look for the golden nugget. Enjoy the ride. If the nugget is there you will know it, for it will shine like a diamond in a goat's body part.

I had that moment the third or fourth regression. (it's the one I want to go back to) I was walking through the desert somewhere. As I walked I took notice of my dress, I was wearing a tan robe and sandals. I was aware of the ever present danger to a lone traveler but I gave it no thought there was something I had to do.

The trail turned into a dry wash where it ran beside a dry stream bed and I began to climb. When I exited the wash there was a walled city two or three hundred yards wide. I was impressed on one level by it's grandeur but it was familiar to me in this incarnation.

As I walked through the city gates my mind was filled with anticipation of the meeting awaiting me. I entered through the main gates to find myself on a street about twenty feet wide lined with shops of all sorts on both sides that led to the center of the city. I walked with a purpose paying little notice to the people around me. After a while I started to notice everyone looked away as I passed. On one level it was understandable, on another it wasn't.

When I reached the center of the city I found myself in a fairly small circle no more than forty feet with a fountain in the center. On the far side of the fountain sat a soldier on a beautiful brown horse. Judging by his scale mail armor and the short sword he wore, this was the Middle Iron Age. He turned and looked at me for a second, reared his horse and galloped off to my left.

That was when I realized these people hated and feared me. I also knew they meant nothing to me. I could take their life any time I chose and it would mean no more than the swatting of a fly. The power was all I sought and anything in my way was expendable and the pursuit of the power was why I was here.

I circled the fountain to my right and entered a building on the other side. It was a large establishment for the times, more a hotel and bar/restaurant. I took a seat at a table to my left to wait for whoever it was I was waiting for. Someone brought me a stein of something. I don't know what for, I never drank it. As I sat there I became more and more concerned who should have been here when I arrived, something wasn't right. I sat there a few more minutes and decided I must leave, then as now I am not a patient person.

As I rose to leave I tossed a coin on the table and made my way to the back of the inn. In the inn as on the street everyone moved out of my way and they all turned their heads as I passed. I paid no heed to the people as I made my way to a heavy wooden door at the back of the Inn.

I opened the door and stepped through letting the door close behind me to find myself on a small landing with a long staircase leading down. The only light came from the bottom of the stairs. It was the light of many candles. I paused a moment to let my eyes adjust and started down. I had been here many times before and knew the place well, so I started down.

At the bottom I found myself in a long passageway with rooms alternating on each side, this was where the light was coming from. Each door emanated a warm bright light. I wanted to know what was in these rooms, to study each one and preserve it in memory so I might reproduce it.

But this was not why my present incarnation was here. He was here because it was the fastest way out of the city. Something was wrong, terribly wrong, they should have been here. He was in a hurry to leave the city and I didn't know why or where he was going.

Regressions to me is like walking into the middle of a movie watching a scene and leaving/ It's impossible to know the whole story. It is my opinion the story doesn't matter so don't get caught up in it. There is something in the scene that will help you on some level. It may not be what you're looking for at the time but there's something there for you. So write it down in great detail as soon as possible. You will be surprised at the clarity this simple act can bring.

As we walked down the hall I glanced in the rooms as we passed. A few things were the same in all the rooms. They were all about 10' X 10'. They all had a Altar half the width of the room, on the back wall. (The Altars were like a low bench about a foot tall.) On the Altars there were five white candles. Three were about a foot tall, two about 6 inches, the tallest were on each end and in the middle the smaller ones were between them. All the candles were about three inches in diameter.

The other thing they all had was the floor, covered in a layer of smooth white sand (as if no one had entered the room) and the large white candles. The difference was the patterns of the candles on the floor. Each room had a different Tattvas symbol of the elements (that is the system I use today but not then), the square, the circle, the triangle and crescent. The patterns all started with a single candle in the middle of the room. Around it the symbol is formed about a foot away and repeated every foot, when the symbol reached the wall they used what part of it that would fit, until the room was filled with candles.

In the fifth and final room was a pentagram, the five pointed star, while the other rooms were inspiring to look at and energy flowed in abundance, somehow this room was different. All the qualities and energies of the other rooms were there but there was something more. I wouldn't call it sinister but it defiantly wasn't warm and fuzzy.

My partner in this incarnation hurried me quickly down the passageway into the light and heat of the day. There he stopped and looked back at the walled city we had traveled so long to reach. I was surprised how far down the hill we were, then I felt something in my host and he turned around and started down the hill.

That was where we parted company and I returned to my bed in suburbia USA. It had been quite a ride. At that time I didn't know what to make of the experience.

I now believe it showed me the path I would take, the symbols I would use, and the one to be very careful with. Because without a good heart and a clear head you can't see the dangers when you play too close to the fire, and the ruled becomes the ruler.

My advice to you is, if you want to try it by all means do so. It can run the gambit of visual and emotional experiences. My only advice is keep a life line with you, never surrender total control and become so emerged you can't get out. No one can see what you see or feel what you feel. So always be able to leave when you want to.


Regression is like a box chocolates.


Hope you have enjoyed our March EZine for 2010. Please check our updates of other EZines here at www.PowerFengShui.info at the link http://www.powerfengshui.info/id6.shtml to learn so much more Power Feng Shui for changing your Sacred Space and office to the highest level of Ch'i forever. You will love it.

Happy Love month to you....Manifest The Love that You Desire... It is all your choice.

"Show Me the Money Prosperity Feng Shui" DVD found at link

Until next time Peace, Prosperity and Good Health, but always Peace In Your Soul.

Alex Shaw
CEO www.PowerFengShui.info

972.504.6824 Dallas
1.888.551.4869 toll free


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