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Dear Friends of Power Feng Shui, Pyramid Feng Shui & Black Hat Tantric Feng Shui & all Friends of Holy Spirit,

We are delighted to bring our 7th Ezine from www.PowerFengShui.info for the month of December 2008.

This month I am looking in the rearview mirror at Lafayette, In. and saying good bye to my favorite place to go to pray, Saint Elizabeth's Chapel, in Saint Elizabeth's Hospital. Enjoy the lovely stained glass as you pass through.

You can simply feel the "Divine Holy Spirit Ch'i of the Creator God Jehovah" as you walk onto the property. Nuns used to live there...talk about Holy Ch'i. These are my two favorite stained glass panels in all of the churches I have visited in Indiana.

Leaving West Lafayette, Indiana in the morning with 21 degrees and snow and driving 8 hours to Memphis with 50 degrees is a real treat if you are not a cold weather fan. The very first thing I saw as I entered Memphis, Tennessee was St. Jude's Research Children's Hospital. I am a huge fan of St. Jude's Hospital and all the good they do and also a fan of prayer to...

Saint Jude Thaddeus...Saint of Impossible Causes
If you have never made St. Jude your friend through prayer, this is your big chance to change your life. This Saint was a disciple and friend to Jesus Christ, plus his cousin. He is known globally as the Saint for Impossible Causes. If you've got one, this is the Saint that is up for whatever help you may need. Check it out...

A view of Memphis from the road... is a little sight-seeing on my way out of town a few days later. I am returning to have high tea downtown in February and for a Blues Festival. This time I did have the best lean, mean, barbeque in all of Memphis at Central Barbeque Restaurant on Summer Avenue. It was fabulous.

When I have been out of Texas too long I begin to play my Willie Nelson "On the Road Again" cd just to not feel homesick. I love traveling but I also love to come home. Willie was blasting as I was crossing the Mississippi River Bridge into Arkansas. I just loved it. Somehow it seemed so right. You have to love Willie to get that "On the Road Again" High Ch'i feeling. It is best experienced in cold weather, with the windows down, the heater wide open and Willie leading the way as you drive along seeing and feeling the road Ch'i of America. There is absolutely nothing like it anywhere. Give it a try. Day trips are fun too. It does not have to be a week long deal.

Pyramid shaped triangular Christmas trees bring the Fire Element to the holiday season to "fire" things up in many different ways. Flying into the Fort Myers Airport earlier this year I was greeted by this fabulous pyramid shaped (Fire Element) sea shell covered tree. Talk about lucky "Things from the Sea" plus "firing up" that energy right there in their lobby. Florida High Ch'i from the Sea I would say...yes! It brought me joy to see all of those shells and remember the first time, 40+ years ago I collected identical ones on Lido Beach at Sarasota in the first morning light of my first view of the Gulf of Mexico from Florida instead of Texas.

Here at the airport waiting for me and all Ft. Myers/Naples, Florida bound visitors are the perfect seaside prosperity symbols for the ultimate good luck. I simply loved it. They of course, intend for us to. What a perfect icon for the Airport to display.

In honor of Christmas I have included another pyramid shaped Red (Fame/Recognition/Future) Christmas decorated tree that could also be kept around throughout the year to build and lift the positive energies of displaying Red to "fire things up a bit." Look these over and build your own. Get your kids to help, or grand babes. What could be better? Building Fire Element symbols with the descendents for future Christmases.

Glitter covered starfish, conches, sea horses, and fish bring money Last year I needed a little Christmas cheer and a lift for my prosperity. I bought a few ornaments covered in glitter to uplift the Ch'i I was summoning and things started to "rock and roll." Hold out a few of your favorite ornaments after the annual packing up of the Christmas tree and tie some ribbon on them and hang them in various places to "move, move, move that Ch'i" around your home or office. "Things from the Sea" work fast for prosperity energy. Think about the icons you treasure and the symbolic mean they may have to help you "manifest" your heart's desires. Put them to great Power Feng Shui use.

GLASS CRYSTAL BALL makes a brilliant statement anywhere it is placed to redirect the source of the Light Ch'i throughout the Sacred Space. Any size or shape or polished or quartz crystal, positioned anywhere, will do amazing things for your environment. Find yours and set them around your space or buy some and experiment with the magic of redirecting your Light Ch'i. Intensity lifts the intentions you desire to manifest.

Shakespeare in the Uptown Arts District was a delight to discover on my travels one day. I am a huge fan of the Bard and it gave my day a lift just for a moment to imagine what actually meeting him for a little conversation might have been like. I love art in any form and this bronze was just over the top with spectacular details. Great literary Ch'i for those that are fans.

Create Dining Room Prosperity Ch'i Changes with Golden Dragons If you sew you are going to love this. If you don't, find someone or learn how. This is very easy to achieve. A little fabric, a pattern, some intentions to completely change the Ch'i energy of the Dining Room you live with, and voila...here we have golden (prosperity and Good Health) shades of victory everywhere. I just adore the dragons as prosperity and protection. Want to change your fine dining experience for a very small amount of money? This is your answer. 

Holiday treat from New Orlean's Mr. B's Bistro...

The Double Happiness ancient symbol just can't be a better symbol to bring love and all happiness into your life. Do you want love, or money, or good health, or prosperity? Visualize what you desire and find a Double Happiness jar and place it in your home, anywhere. Happiness looks good anywhere, anytime, any place. Get some Double Happiness good luck and buy yourself a jar.

Want to Move? Pack Your Stuff.... My client "M" in Lafayette, Indiana did just that with her "pure intentions" after a bankruptcy and found a new home to buy even though she did not qualify by conventional standards. Learn how to "state your intentions to Creator God (Universe)", and get what you want in this stressed economy. It was simply amazing to me.

Since I am house sitting for my long time friend Chuck and helping him to prepare to complete his move back to Memphis from Dallas I thought I might rearrange a few things to speed up his move and the resale of his home. I began with repotting all of his plants for the Wood Element energy boost Ch'i for growth in his Community & Family interests. The color of Green is representative of those energies as well.

My temporary office while I am house-sitting is in his former Healing Center where he did all of his healing work with his clients. Talk about huge blasts of Healing Energy Ch'i...it is loaded. See my Wish Wall in the next article.

Create a Wish Board for your 2009 Intentions...what do you want to achieve next year? Where do you want to go? What are your wishes?

In Loving Memory of Dick Reynolds, Monticello, Indiana. Last month I lost my long time prayer partner and friend "Daddy Dick" Reynolds and his family lost an incredible Godly and honorable man. I am proud to say he was my friend and I his...In the name of Jesus Christ, that Dick lived his life to serve; I honor him and his family here.

I have added one of my favorites to this Ezine. “Love One Another as You Love Yourself”
If you do not love yourself, who will? We are so good to see to the needs of others but seldom think of ourselves. Spend some time loving yourself. You won't regret it.

Desiderata... a prayer for each of us.


Divine Holy Spirit Ch'i of the Creator God Jehovah
My favorite prayer place in Lafayette, In.

St. Elizabeth's Chapel

Always when I am in Lafayette, Indiana I go to pray at St. Elizabeth's Chapel, inside of St. Elizabeth's Hospital, when I get the chance. It is open 24 hours for adoration (prayer vigil) daily. I have seen many miracles occur after praying there. I know that this is the combined prayers of all that come here, for all of the years this church has existed. There is huge power in prayer. This is the altar piece stained glass set of windows. I love the top insert of the Great God Jehovah as he sends his dove, symbolic of everlasting peace, to bless his son Jesus on the Cross. "This is my son in whom I am well pleased," is not something we can forget.

Remember the reason for the season of the celebration of Christ' life. It is not all about gift cards and what we "owe" others with a repayment of a nice gift. Originally there was a "higher love" that we should all aspire to. Think about what you can do to give yourself peace, love, and joy over this season and throughout the year. How would that trickle down into other's lives around you? Only you know the answers. Now is the best time to discover that for you.

"Forgiveness is the Heart of the matter" as Don Henley told us so long ago. Forgive others and forgive yourself.

It is a new beginning for us all, here at the closing of this year and the opening of a new year. Be good to yourself. Love yourself and the others. You cannot go wrong by loving and setting yourself free through that love.


During the holiday season St. Elizabeth's displays Nativity stained glass panels at the front entrance to the hospital. It is gorgeous to behold in the morning's early light. Thank you St. E.


The very first thing I saw as I entered downtown Memphis, Tennessee was

St. Jude's Research Children's Hospital. I am a huge fan of St. Jude's Hospital and all the good they do.

St. Jude's Research Children's Hospital of Memphis, Tennessee



As I hit Memphis town the first week of December I passed St. Jude's Hospital for Research for Children. It reminded me that I am happy I tithe to this wonderful legacy of helping children that cannot help themselves. I have done this for years. If you have no place to tithe your portion to God, why not give it to somewhere that does some good? It will be well used and well received here.

Danny Thomas, well-known entertainer and television star of the Danny Thomas Show in the fifties was a devoted follower of the Saint called Jude. He spoke of praying to the Saint, asking that he be able to make a good living for his family and he promised to let people know about the good deeds Saint Jude brought about through his prayerful influence with God and Jesus, and to bless back others, if Saint Jude would only help him. As Saint Jude blessed him, Thomas' commitment grew into an incredible legacy called Saint Jude's Hospital for Children. This hospital stands as one man's belief that one single saint could help him and his desire to provide for his family with miracles. The legacy of Danny Thomas' prayer still stands today and is ready to bring help to those that cannot help themselves. Never overlook the power of prayer.

Saint Jude Thaddeus...Saint of Impossible Causes

St. Jude, patron saint of impossible causes, special prayer, I began to use along with my other prayers to see special "impossible" answers come for desperate cases I see in my work. He has responded by making the "impossible" become reality for so many people, so many times, that I feel a close bond to him as well, even though I am not Catholic and was not raised to call upon saints for help through prayer. If you want to know more about St. Jude's life http://www.saintjudeshrine.com/whoisstjude.htm provides some history about the saint to consult for impossible causes.

One of the most powerful prayers I use is this Prayer during Trials...

St. Jude, glorious Apostle, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, you are forgotten by many. But the Church honors and invokes you universally as the patron of hopeless cases, of things despaired of. Pray for us who am so miserable, make use; I implore you, of that particular privilege accorded to you to bring visible and speedy help where we almost despair of help. Come to my assistance in this great need that I may receive the consolation and succor of heaven in all our necessities, tribulations and sufferings, particularly - (here make your request) and that I may bless God with you and all the elect throughout all eternity.

We promise you, Blessed JUDE, to be ever mindful of this great favor and we will never cease to honor you as our special and powerful patron and to encourage devotion to you. Amen

St. Jude, Pray for us and for all who honor and invoke thy aid.
Until you try this prayer and experience its miraculous power to bring help, hope and deliverance to your life, you cannot know the reality of how it will work for you. I offer it here for you, if during this holiday season you need fresh hope and help, because I know it is a tried and true method of deliverance from God through his servant St. Jude. I have used it many times and seen impossible miracles come for impossible situations. It never fails. Lift your faith and hope once more and see what might happen. You will be spiritually surprised and pleased with your new friend, St. Jude, friend and first cousin of Jesus Christ.

Danny Thomas trusted St. Jude and left a legacy of help and hope for thousands over all of these years. Today his daughter Marlo Thomas manages that legacy to continue to help those that cannot help themselves.

Pray to St. Jude for help with the impossible. Give if you can to St. Jude's Research Hospital for Children. You will not regret either of these decisions. God bless you in this Holy, Holiday season.

A view of Memphis from the road...leaving town
Crossin' the Mississippi River into Arkansas....






Pyramid shaped triangular Christmas trees bring the Fire Element

to the holiday season to "fire" things up in many different ways


The shape of a triangle is representative of the Fire Element of Feng Shui. Any shape of triangle or grouping of three things will lift the energies immediately to a higher level. This fantastic sea shell tree in the lobby of the Fort Myers Airport is one of the loveliest I have ever seen. They have used all of the different shell shapes to create a total Christmas tree from the sea effect as one de-planes in sunny south Florida. Any time of the year when you land here you are reminded of the power of the sea and the delights that await you in Florida.

There are many different styles of celebration of the Christmas tree season, but this is one of my very favorites. I particularly love the star fish on top of the shells. This could be achieved on a scale of any size, beginning with a Styrofoam shaped triangle base to place the shells on. It would really just depend upon how many shells and how big you wanted it to be. It could be a family project to collect up all of the saved shells your family has from all of their trips and memories. You could build it in any dimensions or height you desired to.

If you like you could even build small ones from your shell collection and give them to family members as a keepsake of that particular treasured holiday by the sea.

The Red (Fame/Recognition/Future) energy of the tabletop Christmas tree is comprised of all of the ornaments that are glued to the triangular shape of this tree, in their fiery color. The golden ornaments bring the Prosperity and Good Health energies into play here. Long after Christmas season this can be used as a Fire Element of Feng Shui to "lift the energy" to a higher level for all of the combined symbolic meanings. The golden star atop this tree reminds us to feel we can "shine" in our lives. There are many meanings going on at the same time with just this simple tree display.

You will find many variations of potential Christmas trees for your pleasure. Find something that speaks to your soul. You will know it when you see it. Go with it. You will not be wrong.

Glitter covered starfish, conches, sea horses, and fish bring money

Anything from the sea, starfish, sea horses, shells, coral, real fish in tanks, symbols of fish, the gentle dolphins, all things "sea" created by God our Creator, are lucky according to 6,000 years of Feng Shui disciplines of the ancient Chinese.

Last Christmas I bought these glitter covered starfish, conches, sea horses, and fish at a florist supply and hung them from ribbons in the Wealth and Empowerment corner of my bedroom to seem Christmas-y for the season. I used silver ribbon (Compassion, Travel, Friends, and Mentors) to hang the two big fish. I also used Red (Fame/Recognition/Future) ribbon for some of the other ornaments and Purple (Wealth/Empowerment) ribbon for the rest of them.

The glitter covering the ornaments was Purple (Wealth/Empowerment), Green (Family/Community/also the Wood Element for growth), Gold (Prosperity/Good Health/The Earth Element) and Hot Pink (Love/Good Relationships). Basically, adding the style of "Things of the Sea" that is always a Prosperity Energy, to the glitter representing all of the other specific energies was like marrying these separate energies together for the Feng Shui blessings.

I simply hung them for a little Christmas fun, "Things from the Sea", Florida state of mind thought to enjoy just for myself when I awoke each day and the last thing I saw before bedtime.

Within 3 days my phone was ringing with brand new clients that wanted Feng Shui consultations before Christmas. Since beginning my Power Feng Shui consultation practice in 1995, it is simply unheard of for people to call during the holidays. They are classically very busy with their gifts, shopping, and holiday parties and visits, as well it should be.

As you might imagine, I was delighted to have fresh business with new clients, after simply hanging the glittering "Things from the Sea" above my bed. Each of them are in the Wealth/Empowerment/ Love/Relationship, opposite from the side entry doorway, called the Diagonal Sight Line that throws all of the combined energies of the total Love and Money into the area of the room where my headboard is against that corner's wall. It is a total impact for raising the Ch'i energies of this room, to the highest level.

Any changes made with Feng Shui in mind, rearranging art, furniture, knick knacks, books, coffee table items, even adding flying fish, shells, and sea horses, invoke Power Feng Shui to "lift up" the blast of energies. The Ch'i after all is the Cosmic Breath of God, our Life's Breath.

Certainly my intentions...work during the holidays, new clients, and fresh prosperity, played a major part in the forthcoming Prosperity that the "Things from the Sea" Feng Shui brought to me.

I tell my clients to "Play with your Power Feng Shui" and just wait and see what happens for you. It is always a surprise and a delight, much like a surprise Christmas gift, to see what God and the Universe brings to us, as you summon those energies with the disciplines of Feng Shui practices over 6,000 years old.

Feng Shui disciplines and practices are not a religion. They are not meant to be so. However, my interpretation of Power Feng Shui marries the intentions of the ancient ways and my belief, along with many others', in Creator God's own breath blowing good luck towards us if we do good Karma, (good works), show respect to the Earth, ourselves, and the others that inhabit our Planet including birds, animals and all of God's creatures and apply the system used by the ancient Chinese Imperial Emperors 6,000 years ago, with a 21st century practicality of modern day life here in America. For me it creates an interesting twist to the old concepts. And most glorious of all...IT WORKS!!!

"Play with your Feng Shui" and sit back and be surprised what might appear for you. Remember to think of your heart's desires often, or "lift up your pure intentions" in your thoughts, prayers, and meditations. Everything joining together to create a "Power Feng Shui" state of mind, brings the desired results in surprising ways...Certainly, it is worth a try, just to see what the outcome will be. What do you have to lose?

Have fun with it. It beats shopping, spending money, going to bars and coffee shops to hang out, and many other mind occupying tasks we do while we are worried about our lives and finances. With Feng Shui we are actually implementing the energies to change for us, as we "lift up" our thoughts, desires, dreams, and hopes for our futures. Give it a try and be surprised in a good way.

We are actually doing something about our lives, using art and icons that we already own, instead of simply being anxious, dreading tomorrow and delaying any actions to make those changes that are critical for our continued good health and prosperity, especially in this intense economic climate in our World today.

God owns the Universe. All things are His. Our lives improve if only we ask. I encourage others, "Ask and you shall receive." That is not limited to an old time Bible concept for me or my clients. "Ask" and then "Receive" are tried and true methods of dealing with our lives. Why not use this simple concept with basic Feng Shui principles and turn our lives around for the good? It could only help us to be better in all ways.

Have some fun with it as well. You will not regret it. We can all use some fresh fun in our lives and certainly prosperity. May your life always be auspicious and blest, as the Creator God would have it to be so.


This hand-blown perfectly sculpted Crystal Ball has been uniquely balanced so it can be spun gently by its owner, while it rests upon its own custom made stand, as it casts all the refracting rainbow prisms of Light Energy passing through it in all directions.

As the Light Energy, natural or artificial, transmits through this fantastic sphere, it is using the highest Power of Feng Shui energy force available to blast the Ch’i (Chinese Feng Shui defines the forces of Wind and Water energies), throughout your personal sacred space or office, raising the vibrations to the highest possible levels to enhance all areas of the Bagua (the individual locations for enhancements of Career, Personal Destiny, Self, Knowledge, Spirituality, Wisdom, Community, Wealth and Empowerment, Fame, Recognition, & Future, Love and Relationships, Creativity & Children & Intellectual Descendents, Compassion, Mercy, Travel, Friends and Mentors.)

Excellent for scrying (Ancient practice of crystal gazing).If you want to learn more about using your crystal ball or any crystals you may own go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal_ball Celtics have used them for a long time and know the power of the quartz crystals and other stones that were created by Creator God for our use.

Even tiny crystals of clear quartz have the identical power to lift the Ch'i to a higher level for intensifying the energies. Place them around your favorite areas in your office or home. Watch things change. You will love it!

Giving crystals as gifts lifts the "Ch'i" remarkably in others homes. Join with them with their wishes for their futures, and send a crystal gift to add your good wishes to theirs. You will be delightfully surprised when you hear of their good fortune.

Shakespeare in the Uptown Arts District in Dallas

As I was driving through the Uptown Arts District in Dallas a few months ago I came across Sir William Shakespeare's incredible likeness resting on a great "footed" bench. The brass casting was exquisite and so life-like I was taken aback for just a moment. A flood of Hamlet came rushing into my head as I remembered the last time I had seen it performed. What a memory blast of Shakespearian Ch'i at a stop sign. Keep your eyes open and you will see signs and wonders just everywhere. You may be delightfully surprised.

Create Dining Room Prosperity Ch'i Changes with Golden Dragons



These photos show an actual set up I made in a Prosperity Feng Shui class earlier this year.

You can take any fabric you choose, mine was golden silk brocade covered with a deeper gold for the dragon images for the chairs and a solid Gold silk for the table, and create a striking new setting for your dining room or breakfast area.

If you sew or know someone, you are in luck. Ask around if you don't know anyone and see who and how to get your own chair covers made. Look for a chair cover pattern you particularly like for your chairs at the Fabric store or in the Fabrics at the discount store. I used McCall's Home Decorating Pattern 3217 View E for my choice.

Select your pattern. Think how many chairs you need covered and check the instructions to find the correct amount for one, then multiply it by the number of chairs you are covering.

Select your fabric and have the salesperson give you about 1 extra yard for safety's sake, beyond your exact calculations. Buy your thread for the sewing to match your fabric.

Take it home and begin with one chair's fabric and cut it out and construct it according to the pattern's instructions. As you can see, my chair coverings here look a little big but that is because the chairs at the class were not as tall as my original chairs the coverings were made for. WATCH your directions for the chair measurements and compare to your chairs.

As you complete each chair's covering you are just that much closer to bringing Golden Prosperity to your life and fine dining. In this case, I chose the golden dragons for the protection as well.

In the photos you can see how quickly it changes the look to one that would shine in your home's setting.

I have used a fun, fruit painted set of pottery here for the Abundance blessing associated with Pyramid Feng Shui. I wanted something to change my Red Fame/Recognition/Future energies so I choose the casual flatware.

As you can see I do love my Greek Key crystal glasses that also bring Prosperity to the table.

Use anything you desire to fabric your Dining Ch'i and create a brand new concept for you to enjoy each and every single day. I rotate several sets of dinnerware yearly just for the fun of it. I bring out Grandma's crystal and just appreciate the past for a few moments. Do that for yourself as well. You will receive the ancestor's blessing from Heaven as well for your Prosperity.

Holiday treat from New Orlean's Mr. B's Bistro

Creole Bread Pudding with Irish Whiskey Sauce.
You may find this posted at http://www.mrbsbistro.com/recipes_breadpudding.php . This is part of the family that developed Brennan's. This is a Southern treat all its own.

The Double Happiness ancient symbol

The Double Happiness symbol on this jar is believed in Feng Shui terms to bring marriage luck and good fortune to the one that displays it in their home. Happiness in Love and Marriage and good fortune as well come to stay.

The White background brings Creativity and fortunate blessings for children and future children & Intellectual Descendents. The Blue design brings an extra touch of Wisdom, Knowledge and Spirituality to your home as well. 

The Pink Love & Relationship color of the Chinese lucky orchids brings those energies to your Sacred Space. Silks or real work equally as well to manifest Lucky Love. The Gold Prosperity & Good Health mirrored vase reflects these energies out into the Space in all directions, increasing the energies multiple times.

Use this symbol anywhere, in any room that you wish to bring Double Happiness into your life. Be sure to state your intentions in your mind or verbally, of what you wish your Double Happiness to be. Love and Money are always good.

Want to Move? Pack Your Stuff....

Want to Move? Pack Your Stuff.... My client "M" in Lafayette, Indiana did just that with her "pure intentions" after a bankruptcy and found a new home to buy even though she did not qualify by conventional standards.

M had changed jobs, moved to a different city from her family and was facing lots of expenses and past medical bills. After agonizing for months over bankruptcy procedures, she finally decided to go forward and make a new start. The hardest part was knowing it was forever delaying her dream to buy her own home again as before. It could take years to rebuild her credit and buy a home.

We discussed making clear intentions for her future and how she could focus on exactly how she wanted to live. M is a detail oriented person and she thought everything out as to her desires to live in a country setting with quiet and a lovely yard. She even decided to just start packing up and boxing and marking everything in her home for the perspective move. She sorted and sifted, decluttering everywhere in her present home location and had a yard sale and blest the leftovers to others or charities, not only just to get rid of it, but to help others with those same things she no longer needed.

Each weekend she would drive around and look for the perfect place for about a month. The renewal of her lease on her condo was coming due and she had to make a decision. She had packed every single thing except just enough to cook with and her bed linens and bathroom toiletries. She had totally gotten into the Power Feng Shui Spirit of the move.

As she looked through the listings in the weekend papers she found a "country setting" advertised and decided just to call about the rental as she was running out of time on her current locations' lease renewal and rental increase coming due. She called and tried not to be disappointed that it was not a "Buy" home, but instead a leased one.

When she got there much to her surprise, she found a separate garage on a huge duplex on a quiet, well landscaped street, where there was a yard, completely fenced for her dogs and three bedrooms, two baths, a front and back porch, vaulted ceilings and custom shelving around the walls just below the ceiling for displaying her collectibles. It was absolutely perfect except it was a rental.

As she was expressing both her delight and regret to the owner he suddenly made a great spur of the moment offer to her. He told her he had just sold all of his local restaurants and had invested in many duplexes and pieces of property. His new life was going to be real estate. As a new investor he knew he would have to be willing to look to the future. He astonishingly offered "M" the deal of her entire first year's rent to be applied to her down payment of this "perfect for her property" if she wanted to buy it and he would carry the note for her.

As you might imagine, she was completely blown away. Here was exactly what she had asked for, focused on, packed up and readied herself for the big move and here was her "deal" to buy the perfect house without the perfect credit. How many people buy homes a year after their bankruptcy? Not many.

It was true mind-blowing manifestation happening quickly just because she decided to just "pack up and get ready for the move." I was so delighted for her and her increase in her abilities to manifest for her future. Faith and Feng Shui are a natural compliment for each other. The more you do of each, the stronger it gets for you.

What are you waiting for? What do you want? Can you see yourself there? Begin today and see how long it takes you. Remember "The Secret" speaks of the Law of Attraction and how we bring what we talk about, discuss, and believe will be into our lives. What will you bring for yourself? Let me know. I would love to hear from you.

I recently saw "M" in Lafayette and she was paying her property taxes on her new home that came into her name, which she believed it would, for her. What do you believe? Anything is possible.

In my Plano house sitting gig for my friend Chuck, I am looking to raise his Ch'i moving signals as high as possible to help him manifest completion of his move to Memphis and also to bring the best resale possible for him on his property.

As soon as I returned from Indiana I was thinking about "M's" story and all of the packing and organizing and the results it all had for her. I began to think what I could do to help Chuck manifest his desires. I called Kim, to come and help me. Because with my broken shoulder injury I could not pack with both hands. Kim showed up with boxes and a great energy of enthusiasm as she is a close friend of Chuck's. That of course, joining together as two people that love and hold respect for our friend and wishing him well, is what brings the power of the manifestation of Feng Shui, plus holding high hopes for it all, doubles the Ch'i signals for manifesting. Great. We were on a roll. I wrapped some of the small stuff and she did the lifting and we got almost all of it marked, sorted, organized, and de-trashed of the clutter and things he would not want.

We proudly told Chuck about all the boxes that we had packed and ready, waiting to make the move to Memphis. Within days after talking with him he began to plan a trip to make another segment of his move become a reality. We get to see and visit with him while he is here and he has it all ready to load up. It is perfect for all of us. Those boxes started appearing in his head and bidding him to come and get them.

This is how the Feng Shui signals of Ch'i work to bring the focused energy intentions into realities. What do you want? Where do you want to go? Plan it out, intend for it to happen, pack and make all of those decisions to release things you no longer need and watch life begin to change.

Thank you "M" of Lafayette for giving me another positively excellent Power Feng Shui story of successfully manifesting your heart's desires. I visited that country setting of "M's" owned home before I left Lafayette and there was just a wonderfully peaceful energy present throughout the home. The animals have their own garage during snow storms or bad weather, a fenced back yard during good weather, the cat rules in the house; "M" has an office for her computers, a place to garden all around her home and welcoming chimes at the front porch to lift the Ch'i. Lots of space to stretch out and do her crafts and computer projects.

And all of this came because she refused to accept that her fate was sealed by bankruptcy. Will anything seal your fate or will it be boundless? It is all your choice.

House Sitting and Packing for Chuck's Move











A Letter from the owner:

"As the Plano guy in the article, I have one foot in Texas and the other in Tennessee. Those that keep up with such things know that moving is a high-stress life event, up there with job changes and divorce. So it has been an emotional wrench for me to be in this process.

Usually a house will pick up your energy and reflect your ongoing state. My Mother used to sell real estate and developed the knack of being able to drive down a city street and tell you such things as 'that's a happy house' and things like 'that'll be on the market in 6 months' or 'they are going through divorce so will be ready to sell soon.' Sure enough, in the vast majority of cases, her predictions would pay off in new listings and the like for Mom. I've noticed that my houses have reflected the sadness of loss as I went through the moving processes.

Not so in Plano! Alex and Kim are such lively souls, full of energy and the joy of life that my house hasn't felt abandoned but has changed to reflect the more feminine energy of these two lovely people. Kim shows up to water the plants and to work on her book in the quietness of the house. Alex shows up to house-sit and the house is so grateful for her wonderful energy that she brings to it through her healing work and prayer work.

When I see the pictures that Alex sends me of the Plano house, I am always amazed at Alex's ability to take a few items and come up with a great Feng Shui arrangement to further bless the house and its people. Her creative flair and deep understanding of Feng Shui have really both increased the energy as well as transforming the energy into something that feels like a loving mother's tender kiss on the forehead of her newborn.

Thanks, Alex and Kim, for the great blessings that you bring to the Plano house.

Chuck Pommer


Create a Wish Board for your 2009 Intentions

What do you want to manifest for 2009? Now is a really good time to think about it. Attending a Pyramid Feng Shui Institute of America conference in St. Augustine we were given 15 minutes and a stack of magazines, scissors, glue and half a poster board. What do we want to bring into our lives? That was the primary question. This is my original board where I wanted to do more road trips, see more Holy events, see the lotto show up off of my two tickets per week, work with my Minister's Ordination more, promote my "Show Me the Money Prosperity Feng Shui" DVD and buy some new furniture.

I've seen progress with many of these things but still want to use them in my Wisdom/Knowledge/Spirituality (near left corner when you enter the room) area of the Bagua. I'm still looking forward to bringing more good luck and options to myself this next year.

Make yourself a Wish Board and have some fun with others in your family if you extend this to a family project. Instead of resolutions, why not have things we wish to bring forward in our lives? Sounds good to me.

Collect up all of your old magazines and think about what you want to see in front of you every day, leading the way to your future. It will have a profound impact if only you begin for yourself. Make 2009 your best year ever. It will be, if you determine it now.

Alex Shaw's Wishing Wall for 2009

For those of you that need a little Staging Drama for this Welcoming 2009 Year to You, I suggest creating an entire wall, the entrance wall as you enter your Sacred Space, and placing things there that inspire you and hold a desire of yours to become more of what you see, feel, project for yourself, and actually manifest and create for yourself in your very own future. If you go for the Wall of Fame concept, send me pictures to post here if you like, at Iconalex@aol.com and I will get them.

In the Career/Destiny/Self center of the entrance wall, I borrowed a piece of Chuck's art where I house-sit currently. It looks like to me this woman knows her own mind. I want to be that woman for myself, in my family, in my business and in my future. Chuck's art brings the Red of Future/Fame/Recognition to the frame and the art, and the Black of Career/Self/Destiny brings the drama of the staging into play, combining these energies. I particularly like the Pink color of Love/Relationships being that "umbrella of cover" in stormy times. What could be better?

God bless all of your efforts, now and in the future. May we have peace upon our earth and joy and love in our hearts.

In Loving Memory of Dick Reynolds, Monticello, Indiana.

Last month I lost a wonderful friend and prayer partner Dick Reynolds of Monticello, Indiana to a battle against cancer. It was a huge loss to his family and his friends as well. He and his lovely wife Christine have been my friends since 1995. I met them through their daughter Pamela in Logansport and have been a friend of the family ever since. The Reynolds are wonderful, God fearing, honorable and Holy people. They spent so much of their time in the 48 years they had together doing service organization and charity work in not just Monticello but also in the Lafayette and Logansport areas. Many there will never forget all of their generous contributions of time, love and money to those that had a need. 

Dick knew God on a first name basis and showed up, gave, helped others, and actually lived a life of quietly being an honorable, loving man to all he knew. He was an incredible example of what we are supposed to be. I was humbled to be asked to speak at his memorial.

The Bible says to celebrate at the time of a death as God is welcoming our loved one into the Kingdom of the Most High God as their earthly suffering has ended. Knowing this on a spiritual level and feeling it on a level of loss are two completely different things. I am thrilled that "Daddy Dick" has reached the end of his earthly suffering and is with God, as he knows Him. The part of me that misses him so much and knows the loss his family is experiencing is still sad. I do take joy in the fact that he will never be forgotten by those that he mattered to so very much.

In his last three years, he felt God gave him the extra time of extended years, and he was very thankful. I am thankful that he had the love of his family, friends, fellow servicemen and women in all of his associations of helpfulness and charities and especially the joy of his grand boy Kaden. Attending his sports games and watching him grow up was a wonderful joy for Dick. He felt he had a blest life because of his family and friendships.

I was indeed honored to know and pray with Dick and Christine Reynolds in his last few hours in this world. As we left the hospital after his passing we drove past the local power company and there were half a dozen fire engines and police cars, where the power company had been on fire at the time of his death. Coincidence? Maybe. Perhaps it is just that when such a bright light for God dims that the system hits overload in our world and something shorts out. Who knows? Not me. I only know that there is always a physical manifestation of a spiritual event on this plane of existence. I had to laugh as all four of our cars drove back to Dick and Chris' home and we were passing the power company that was on fire. Our hearts were on fire with our loss. Our hearts were still on fire with the love that Dick Reynolds shared with each of us. We will always remember the "fire" of Dick Reynolds as a passionate and Godly man.

May he rest in peace always, and all of his family be blest always. Thank you Dick Reynolds for a wonderful example of what "to be" instead of what not. What a shining example before the throne of God and upon this earth in those short 73 years time. I consider it an honor to be considered your friend.

It was Dick's and Christine's choice to have this verse on his memorial page given to all of those that attended the service. It totally sums up what Dick would have to say to us today.

I'm Free
Don't grieve for me, for now I'm free,
I'm following the path God laid for me.
I took His hand when I heard Him call,
I turned my back and left it all.

I could not stay another day
To laugh, to love, to work or play.
I've found that peace at the close of day.

If my parting has left a void,
then fill it with remembered joy.
A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss,
Ah, yes, these things I too will miss.

We will miss Daddy Dick Reynolds until we see him again.


“Love One Another as You Love Yourself”
Alexandra Shaw

Jesus’ often quoted Bible verse encourages us to love others but also to love ourselves. If we do not respond to the human compassion that is within each of our souls, showing mercy and love for ourselves, as well as others, we are not complete.

The Kabbalahists believe that we make an agreement with God the Creator in Heaven, (where we are a full grown soul), called the “Deal”. We agree to love each of the people in our lives before we even get here. We agree to be someone’s child, sister or brother, lover or partner, parent, family member or friend & show unto ALL the Light and Love of God. We don’t remember the “Deal” usually, although some do remember bits and pieces of their past life or lives.

Freedom of Choice rules here and often we fail to shine our Light and Love. That is the temptation part. We can do whatever we wish to do. We will either be blest for our behavior or God will get His pound of flesh in some manner for our disrespect for ourselves, others, animals, the Earth, or the worst offense of all, disrespect of God Himself, Our Creator.

The Kabbalahists say that we have five lives here, five chances to get it right, to learn to respect ourselves and all other plant and animal life and the Earth. Lacking that respect sends a soul to a final chance in the animal kingdom to learn whatever the lesson was that we missed.

Rabbi Solomon spoke of a woman that described her life as a circus mouse during a past life regression. She learned the lesson of courage when she had to run under the feet of the elephants to steal enough food to keep her tiny mice alive. She came out of the hypnosis rejoicing over finally “finding her courage” to not live under a doormat, in fear for the rest of her life.

I am hoping we all learn to love and be a light to others. Now is a good time to be practicing the love of compassion. Love yourself. Love your family. Love your friends. If you can’t, get new ones. Make a quiet statement to those around you with your mercy and patience. The next time you need someone to be patient with you, will you get back what you have given or would you even want to? Only you can change your life and be that blessing if you desire to do so.

A client with congenital heart failure recently told me “Every day above ground is a good day for me.” I tend to feel the same way. I want to be a help, not a hindrance to my own life and the lives of others. How about you? It really is all your choice. Make the right one for you and your soul and your loved ones as well.

God’s blessings to you as you learn to love one another as you love yourself.


Go placidly amid the noise and the haste and remember what peace there may be in silence…Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they, too, have their story…If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; may persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass. Take kindly the council of years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.


Thank you for sharing our www.PowerFengShui.info Ezine this month for December 2008. The next time we talk it will be in 2009. My does the time fly when we are having fun. And we should always take the time, just to have some fun. Enjoy your life, your loves, your family, your friends, your work...or change it.

What is your purpose for yourself? Know it and if not, find it, for yourself. Only you can know what will fulfill you. Look for it, be open to it, and have the courage to receive it. Life is just so short. Enjoy each and every moment, daily.

May you have the most auspicious year of your life in 2009. May all of your dreams come true and may you know what they are, before it is too late. Bless yourself, your life, your loved ones, and those around you. It will only come back to benefit you in all ways.


Alexandra Shaw



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