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This is about Fabulous Decor, Furniture, Icons, Linens, and Ambiance (Not hot bodies) that will inspire others to create a Dynamic Sacred Space for their own Master Bedroom.

Winners also receive a FREE "SHOW ME THE MONEY PROSPERITY FENG SHUI" DVD by Alex Shaw. Contest closes Midnight February 16th.  Send your Bedroom Decor Photos to Iconalex@aol.com  Limit 5. PowerFengShui.info reserves the right to publish your photos for no compensation if you enter but will credit your name. Good Luck to you!



Key principles in the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui have been used for over 6,000 years to balance and harmonize the flow of energy surrounding individuals, their homes and their workplaces.

Chinese honor the flow of that energy or Cosmic Breath of God called the Ch'i by using color to stimulate growth and placing objects in key positions to add power and strength to that specific area.

They believe that by balancing Chi fresh signals are released attracting the best possible good fortune from the Universe to improve their life's path and destiny, changing their luck forever.

Relationships and money energy changes occur, as well as a feeling of individual well-being for those that live or work within a properly Feng Shuied environment.

Feng Shui is the perfect complement to enhance your office or home for the very best success possible now and for the future.  Pyramid Feng Shui addresses the needs of the individual(s) first and how they relate to their home or workplace, combining aesthetics, comfort and function to allow all the inhabitants to thrive within that space as they experience it. Pyramid Feng Shui is a tool to empower them to their highest level of potential, both personally and professionally.  Feng Shui is the language through which we can insure health, happiness and empowerment.

Marriage, family and children; knowledge, career, wealth and fame; and travel and helpful people affecting the individual's life are all areas where changes occur dramatically.  Feng Shui acts as a key unlocking doors that seemingly are blocked to our happiness and helping us achieve our goals, hopes and dreams.

Chi is also life's breath within each of us, the eternal spirit or soul, the psyche, the sum and substance of our very being.

Logically, anything that is part of our environment would have an influence upon our spirit.


Alexandra Shaw, Certified Professional Consultant
with Feng Shui Institute International
Feng Shui Institute of America, Wabasso, FL
CEO of www.PowerFengShui.info
P. O. Box 226285 , Dallas, TX . 75222-6285
Telephone: 972.504.6824  Dallas
l.888.551.4869 outside Dallas

Website:  http://www.PowerFengShui.info

FaceBook:  www.facebook.com

Alexandra Shaw has studied the various schools of Feng Shui since 1995 and has been certified as a Pyramid Feng Shui Professional Consultant by Nancilee Wydra, founder of Feng Shui Institute of America, since 2001. Wydra is the foremost authority in America, soon to publish her 9th book on Pyramid Feng Shui. Pyramid school considers the relationship of the person to the place where they work or live. It brings practical discipline of the ancient wisdom, yet relates to the 21 st century terms of modern life. Pyramid Feng Shui allows us to comfortably make changes quickly and economically, using things we already have to create the most dynamic environment possible.

Alexandra brings a myriad of professional business expertise to her Power Feng Shui consulting business. Her background of accounting, banking, five years in the real estate field, law, retail marketing, and management allow her to interact on all levels, with a clear understanding of the methodology of the marketplace, human resources, and projections towards the most positive future for your business or home. A twenty-nine year art history background of concept, design and fabrication of commissioned stained glass artwork, founding and maintaining her own teaching/working studio and gallery for a decade, brings originality and perspective to enhance the disciplines of Feng Shui. Years of teaching allow her to interact with positive motivational benefits for corporate or individual clients.

Contact Alexandra Shaw so she may provide cutting edge technology for your office or sacred space today.  Lectures/Classes; Corporate/Charity Entertainment; Specialty Groups also available.

Join Alex on FaceBook for Video postings of excellent ideas and Power Feng Shui concepts for you to use for your own Prosperity/Good Health, Love/Relationships/ Water Elements, and so much more. Have fun with your Power Feng Shui.

The spirit is the driving force within each life. Honoring that spirit in ways that bring peace and harmony within and into our surrounding space makes good sense.

In recent years Feng Shui has become popular in the West and experts are called in to balance not only existing spaces, but future ones as well. Donald Trump is widely known to seek this wisdom before he builds a hotel or casino to achieve the best possible draw of Chi energy for his site's future business.

Many Fortune 500 companies and international money institutes (i.e.: Chase Asia, Citibank, Paine Webber), The American and the Asian Wall Street Journals consult Feng Shui practitioners to align their business Chi for the most prosperous opportunities. 

Although Feng Shui is not a religion, spiritual blessings and prayers are offered to cleanse sacred space allowing success to intensify in all areas. 

Alexandra Shaw has been studying the practice of Feng Shui for over eight years and her clients receive very positive results using the art of Feng Shui placement.

If you would like to change your life in ways you can't possibly imagine, that will positively influence your destiny, call today and make an appointment.  It is my intention to be the vehicle of change to help you achieve all you wish for yourself, your loved ones and your future.

Horse Whisperer/Animal Communicator

A Few Simple Rules to Begin... 

With my energy work balancing homes, offices and individuals to be blessed with the very best possible good fortune, I have come up with several things that are critical to make changes in the patterns that surround these spaces.  Check around your sacred space and make the changes you see are needed.  You will only see things improve all around you.  Good luck with your personal improvements. 


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